Solidaritäts Botschaft vom Info/bookstore Opstand (Den Haag)

We want to express our solidarity with the anarchist centre and left-wing bookstore Black Pigeon in Dortmund, Germany!

Black Pigeon is opening up shop the 18th of this month, but are under threat of the local nazi-scene. On the 22nd February, a window has been smashed by local fash, and nazis have been putting pressure on the owner of the building to terminate the rental contract. They even staged a protest outside its office. Luckily, the owner stated he would not terminate the contract.

Black Pigeon staged a successful crowdfunding campaign to rent a bigger location that could also function as an anarchist social centre and is opening this month. Drop by if you’re near, check out their website or FB page, and support them against nazi retards who could well do with a book or two smashed in their ugly faces. We’d say something the size of ‚An anarchist FAQ‘ vol 1 and 2

Hands off anarchist spaces!

Quelle: Facebook Seite des Info/bookstore Opstand (Den Haag)

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