Filmscreening „My two polish loves“ | queer feminist csd dortm.

Screening im Rahmen des Queer Feminist CSD Dortmund

Gezeigt wird der Dokumentarfilm „MY TWO POLISH LOVES“ von Tali Tiller.

Hier könnt ihr schonmal den Trailer schauen:
oder einen Artikel aus der Missy lesen:

Im Anschluss gibt es, wenn es funktioniert, ein Q&A mit Tali Tiller via Skype.

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Short description of the film:

My Two Polish Loves explores how memories of Holocaust and war are lived, narrated and passed across generations. The film is an intimate journey to Łódź through Tali’s relationships with her late Jewish-Polish grandmother Silvia, a Holocaust survivor, and with her Polish-German lover Magda. As Tali and Magda visit the former Ghetto and the Jewish cemetery in Łódź, search for forgotten street names, and enjoy their shared passion for Polish food, Silvia’s voice as recorded by Tali before she passed away, accompany them on their journey. The film asks how can the third generation of Holocaust survivors keep alive the memories of their deceased grandparents in our rapidly changing world? How our past informs who we are today, our complex histories and identities?
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